Common Prerequisities for Getting Accepted to College

The prerequisites for attending college will vary somewhat from institution to institution. But, for the most part, many colleges share similar prerequisites. Your prerequisites will also depend upon the type of program or degree you are pursuing.

Prerequisites for Pursuing an Associate’s Degree

If you wish to obtain an associate’s degree, most colleges require that you be at least 18 years old. You also need to have a high school diploma or its equivalent. If you wish to attend an online college, you will also need Internet access. Some online colleges also require that you already have a job within the field in order to pursue the degree.

Prerequisites for Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree

If you are interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree, you need to have a high school diploma or equivalent. Holding an associate’s degree will also get you in the door to a bachelor’s degree.

Prerequisites for Pursuing a Master’s Degree

If you hope to pursue a Master’s Degree, you need to already possess a bachelor’s degree. In addition, the type of Master’s degree programs you will qualify for may be limited based upon the bachelor’s degree you already possess. If your bachelor’s degree is significantly different from the Master’s degree you wish to obtain, you may need to take additional classes beyond the standard Master’s degree program in order to fill in the necessary gaps.

Prerequisites for a Certification Program

Of course, many colleges also offer certification programs within various fields. Prerequisites for these certification programs may also vary. In most cases, you must have experience in the field of certification or be currently working in that field.

No matter what type of degree you are pursuing, there are generally prerequisite courses that must be completed. Most colleges will allow you to take a test to determine your level of knowledge in order to determine which class is most appropriate for you. Any classes that you have to take in order to get “caught up” enough to take the required courses generally do not count toward your degree.

Pursuing A Degree While In the Military

Good news for those with military experience who are pursuing a college degree – service in the U.S. Armed Forces can earn you academic credits, saving tuition dollars and time.
A number of schools, including many accredited, online universities, give military students credit towards a degree based on their training, coursework, and occupational specialty. By applying your military experience, you could save as much as $600 and five months on a typical three-credit college course.
The American Council on Education (ACE), created in 1942 to recognize the educational value of military training and experience, continuously evaluates military schools, correspondence courses and occupations to accurately assess the amount and level of academic credit that each should be awarded. Through ACE, you can receive credit for the majority of the training you have received, including Basic Training.
To claim the credits you have earned, you must first request a transcript from your military service branch, each which has its own recording system:
The Army uses the AARTS system, available to enlisted soldiers only, which automatically retrieves your scholastic credits from military training and standardized tests.
The Navy and Marine Corps both use the SMART system which routinely captures your training, experience and test scores.
For those serving in the Air Forces, the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) automatically records your training, experience and test scores. Transcript information can be accessed using the CCAF web site.
To receive a transcript from the Coast Guard, each service member must submit documentation of their training to the Coast Guard Institute (CGI), along with an enrollment form.
Military Veterans are eligible to use their former service branches transcript program under most circumstances. However, if you don’t quality for the AARTS, SMART, CCAF or CGI systems, you will need to complete a DD-295 form and provide your DD-214 Discharge Document to receive credit.

An education is beneficial to your military career and civilian future. Use your military tuition assistance, earn college credits for your valuable military experience and pursue your education at an online university from bases worldwide.

You’re an Avon Rep, Now What?

You’re an Avon Rep, and now you ask “How do I make money?” Well, it gets tricky here. I think just about every Avon Rep gets very tempted just to buy everything. Let me tell you, you will go into debt and go into debt fast. You have to be a business owner first, and only spend what a business owner should spend.

Of course everything in the brochure is enticing, if it weren’t, it would be harder to sell, right? So you have to budget what you can spend. Keep track of your earnings , and only spend what you make. However, if you are not recycling funds back into your business you probably will not make it. For example, every bit of earning that I make through Avon is spent buying more product that I am going to be able to sell or good sense business tools for instance more brochures, more samples, etc. I spend my earnings on product that is going to grow my business.

A strategy that I have done is a free gift for every $50+ order. The free gifts are items that I chose because the awesome price, not to include my earnings on those items, and they also promote more sales. You choose things that are not expensive that people will impulse buy if you have on hand because it is a good buy.

Every single business owner will do things differently, and that is why you are a business owner. You want to be your own boss and want to be successful without someone telling you what to do all the time. You can take advice or you can leave it exactly where you found it. It is up to you.

I keep hearing about “roll and throws.” I have to say that if you do not know what a “roll and throw” is and you have been an Avon rep for any length of time you are not up to speed on Facebook or Yahoo groups that are out there with lots of information for Avon reps to take hold of. However, this advice that I’m speaking of just did not work for me. I feel that there are many reasons why it does not work, but just because it does not work in my area does not mean it will not work where you live. See what I mean? You have to try the advice or try different things you have come up with on your own. You will never know unless you try. In my area putting your store front, the brochure, in the hands of someone seems to produce the most orders. The opening line of “Have you seen an Avon Brochure lately?” seems to work. However, some representative do not have the time or the personality to talk to someone everywhere they go. However, how does it feel when you walk into a business and no one speaks to you? It does not feel good. You cannot wear Avon logo or have a brochure in your hand and not invite people to look.

I have found that not only are brochures and samples important, but so are the ways you advertise your business which might include purchased yard signs or car decals, business cards, labels, and the list goes on and on. It is really hard these days, with the competition that is out there, not to advertise your business in every opportunity that you can and make money.

This advice is the true testimony of my own Avon rep business. Like I pointed out, the things that work for me may not work for you, but do not go into debt before you get a good start, or you might not get a start at all. I would imagine that it would be pretty tough to tell your family, friends, and everyone you meet that you are an Avon representative just to turn around a few campaigns later and have to tell them that it did not work. Avon is a company that if you work your business right and you take advantage of all the help out there, you will be successful. You want to be your best customer and you want people to know you believe in the products, but there is a right way and a wrong way to do that.

Believe in your business but most importantly believe in yourself. You can do this!!

Why I Enlisted in The Army National Guard

In early September of 2006 after splitting up with my husband early that spring I was faced with the reality that now I was single mother with nothing really to offer in the way of job skills or really much of anything. I dropped out of High School at 16 and had obtained my GED but now days that does not get you far.

Sure, I could possibly find a decent guy and settle down again, raise some kids while he worked and provided for us but after my marriage I was so turned off by men I just plan did not want one around. So that left me with few options, one of which was to work dead end jobs making menial money and my child being raised by childcare providers. On the other hand, I could just live off the system like so many do. However, I wanted more then that for my daughter. I did not want to struggle like I had seen my own mother do.

My dream was to go to college. I had previously worked in the healthcare field as an aide and I loved the work. Nevertheless, I knew that job would not be able to bring in the kind of money I would need to have the kind of life I wanted for my daughter and I. I wanted to stay in healthcare and had decided I wanted to be a Respitory therapist. This of course requires college. College requires money, which I did not have.

Watching television one day, I saw an ad for the military saying that if you enlisted they would pay for your schooling. That ad spoke to me on so many levels. Here was my chance not only go to college for free but also for once in my life do something that actually mattered. So, I grabbed a notebook and started talking to requirters. The National Guard seemed like the most visible one to me. Just one weekend a month and two weeks in the summer time. I would be stationed close to home so I would not have to worry about moving my daughter all over the place.

I would go to college tuition free and never have student loans to pay back. Staying with the healthcare theme, I picked medic as my MOS, military occupation specialty. Medic being one of the top ten critical MOS’s for Pennsylvania I also will receive an enlistment bonus of $20,000. I see the National Guard as the means of obtaining my dreams with many fringe benefits. It is not just about the college or the money I will receive; it is also about having pride in my self and feeling like I am actually contributing to society in a positive way.

Elementary school girls are drilling

A Short List of Various Military School For Girls

In a male-dominated area, women and girls are also welcomed in military schools. There are many options for girls that are looking for a top military education and want to join the military afterwards. Although most martial academies are single gender, there are some that are all girls and coed. If you want a quick list of those schools, go here.  Since these schools are somewhat selective and have a specific goal in mind, to prepare a student for the military, girls and boys are not differentiated in physical education. Most public schools and physical education classes allow for some in leeway when it comes to exercise and fitness. For example, boys would need to do 60 sit-ups to pass the state level, whereas girls would have to do 45. In military academies, there is no such flexibility for females. One reason is that the military also doesn’t differentiate between genders. In order to have a truly gender neutral military, men and women must both meet the same standards. If a women cannot support their male counterpart in combat, then serious problems can arise. All physical requirements are same across the board. For this reason, parents must consider the rigorous physical curriculum their daughters will have to go through. Without further ado, here are the various military school for girls.

Massanuten Military Academy: This is a coed school located in Woodstock, Virginia. They have a small class size of around 10-12 and offer a full athletic body. They are a boarding school and have dormitories.

Randolph-Macon Academy: This is also another coed school that is located in Front Royal, Virginia. They have an impressive curriculum and extracurricular activities, such as pilot training. They have a rigorous academic curriculum and an equally challenging physical education class.

Florida Air Academy: Another coed school in Melbourne, Florida that specializes primarily in air force cadets. They have an impressive international student body with students from over 30 countries. They have an impressive array of athletic teams, like Archery and Flight School.

Episcopal School of Texas: Another coed school in Houston, Texas. They are a primarily army school with decorated officers as instructors. A first class education can be found here.

In conclusion, there are many, many options to choose from if a female wants to attend a military school for girls. Every state is guaranteed to have at least one co-education or all female school for admissions. However, let it be noted that the most elite military schools are all-male because the men have dominated the military for thousands of years. Females are just arriving the military after recent feminist movements. However, don’t be discouraged because more and more open-minded people are creating boarding schools just for girls.